::Olivia Turns Two::

This little one knows how to get up and go!! Her parents and I got a nice little bit of cardio trying to keep up with this little toddler! I was able to capture her personality while letting her naturally interact with her parents. 

 I also wanted to add some style and a bit of dramatic flair to her portraits. I felt like the picture below fit both her and that sense of style so well!  It's not your basic "cute" photography.  Let me know what you think!

Photographers Tip** Do you have a curious little one who wants to know what you are doing? Take a minute to show them a picture of themselves on your camera screen. They love to see pictures of themselves! They will begin to understand that they are your subject. Next, direct their curiosity to their surroundings.  Ex: The crunching of the leaves they are stepping on etc. Their curiosity will take over and you will be able to capture authentic moments and authentic looks as they explore.  Nothing beats authenticity

Zach Attack! Superman.

Not only was this shoot fun..it was so real! I basically stood a few feet away spying (Come on. you know you people-watch too!)...as this precious little family spent time together. I was able to capture some very authentic moments that I know this family will treasure forever

P.S :: Zach's mom made this awesome superhero outfit! She can make one for you too! Comment for details! 

Photographers Tip** Stand back. Don't interfere with your subjects too much. Especially if they naturally know what to do! Let the family be a family and enjoy each other as you freeze a few moments in time. Nothing more genuine then that, and it will show through your work!